Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life's a moving target

     We just moved into a new townhouse this past weekend. Yaaayyy moving! Moving has got to be one of the worst things ever. Except for landlords. Landlords are way worse than moving. Our previous landlord is giving us all sorts of reasons as to why she doesn't want to give us our deposit back, all of these reasons being complete crap. Hopefully it will all get resolved. As for our new landlord, she seems nice and normal, but only time will tell.

     On the bright side, the new townhouse is so cute!  It's definitely smaller than our last place, but we gained a garage which I love.  Also, we moved from Uptown to Old Metairie which will take some getting used to.  I'm going to miss the vast array of restaurants and shops withing walking distance uptown, but I'm not going to miss our old neighbor who sold drugs out his backyard. Complete with drug-related arguments at 3am.  Oh, New Orleans...

     Here are a couple pictures of the townhouse.  The upstairs bedrooms are a complete disaster still...I'll post those after I motivate myself to unpack all the boxes.  Don't hold your breath.

Loving my new kitchen
TV mounted over the fireplace 
Living room

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