Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet you in San Francisco

The week before last Jeff and I went to San Francisco and had a much needed mini-break from school and work.  Jeff went to attend the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons conference and I went to do some sightseeing, shopping, and eating...I had fun exploring the city with a few of the other Ortho wives.  I absolutely love San Francisco and was happy to get to do some things we didn't have time for when we went last year.

We were greeted by protesters Thursday morning in Union Square:

Taking a day off work to protest

 This is the part of town our hotel was in- I think of it kind of like the French Quarter in New Orleans- it's where all the tourists stay.  There's also good shopping in the form of big department stores- Macy's, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc.

Jeff escaped the conference for an afternoon and we went down to the Golden Gate Park.  It was absolutely beautiful and housed several gardens, an aquarium, and a science museum.  I really wanted to check out the science museum but Jeff wouldn't indulge my nerdiness.

One thing New Orleans has caught onto is food trucks.  San Francisco takes it very seriously though- they were everywhere.  I love me a good food truck, so when we saw one serving soft serve ice cream in Golden Gate Park I couldn't help myself:

The food truck
Our cones

 Also in the park was a Japanese tea garden.  It had free entrance on Monday, Wednesday, and of course we went on Thursday.  It was beautiful though:

Pagoda in the tea garden

On Friday we took the afternoon and traveled to Napa with two other couples.  We had so much fun in Sonoma last time, we couldn't wait to go back to taste some more wine!  Our first stop though was the Domaine-Chandon "sparkling" winery.  I kept calling it champagne and the guy behind the bar kept correcting me.  Strangely enough he went to LSU.  Gotta love Tiger Nation!

Jeff picking out what sparkling wine to try
I could get used to this
Next we went to the Robert Mondavi winery.  The bartenders (?) there were really fun and seemed to be enjoying some of the wine themselves...they just kept pouring us glass after glass of wine we hadn't paid for.  Obviously this was my favorite stop of the day:

Robert Mondavi
Mondavi winery

Outside the Mondavi winery

 The third stop of the day was the St. Supery winery:

Just ok

 And closing out the day was Opus One.  It seemed like the most high-end of all the wineries, with maybe the exception of Chandon:

Opus One
Tasting room at Opus One

 One afternoon we went and got dim sum at a place called Yank Sing for a late lunch.  This may have been my highlight for the trip.  It was both of our first experience with dim sum and it did not disappoint!  Needless to say we gorged ourselves.  The waitresses just kept coming around nonstop with their little carts full of delicious dumplings- how are you supposed to say no to that?

Jeff enjoying some dim sum
So cute and yummy

Finally, on Saturday my friend Erin and I were on our own for most of the day while the boys were in conference.  We went to a fancy neighborhood called Pacific Heights and I spent a lot of money in a very short period of time.  Here's a picture of the house in Mrs. Doubtfire:

Erin and I walked around and gawked at all the mansions for awhile.  Here's a pretty representative house of everything in the Pacific Heights neighborhood:

Yes, this is all one house

Erin and I also went to check out Alamo Square and took some pictures of the "Painted Ladies:"

Painted Ladies a la Full House

View from Alamo Park

On our last night in San Fran, we went to Sushi Boat.  Yes, it was actually called Sushi Boat.  Very creative, I know.  But it was fun to watch the little boats float around the sushi bar and grab the ones we wanted:
Sushi boat

 After a wonderful trip in San Francisco, this is what I came back to last Monday:


Back to the real world.  This past weekend Jeff interviewed at Wake Forest.  I don't have any pictures to show from that- I guess he wasn't too impressed.

Today is Lundi Gras and I'm spending the day working on a powerpoint for my Prospectus defense, which I'll be defending on Friday.  Jeff's next interview is in San Diego this weekend, so back to Cali for him!  Meanwhile, I'll be at a Bachelorette Party for my good friend Ashleigh who's getting married next month.  More on all of this in our next post!

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