Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In which Jeff went to rich people country and we got day drunk...

Jeff is done with all his fellowship interviews.  Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!  I am much more excited than he is apparently.

His last interview was in Aspen, although it almost didn't happen.  I think Jeff seriously has the worst luck of anyone I have known (recall the missed San Diego interview of late).  He had a layover in Denver and then the airline cancelled the connecting flight to Aspen due to extreme weather conditions.  Really?  Faced with the prospect of just having spent about $500 on the first leg of the flight to Denver for nothing, Jeff decided to rent a car to drive from Denver to Aspen (he got a voucher for about $300 for the cancelled flight- yes that means it was an $800 flight in total, thus my excitement at interviews being over).  This is a 4 hour drive, in conditions so snowy/treacherous the airline cancelled the flight.  But Jeff decided he would be fine since we're so experienced at driving in snow in New Orleans, you know?

Anyway, Jeff made it safely to Aspen and sent me some pictures.  Everything looked so storybook perfect and beautiful, so I was extremely jealous I didn't get to go with him.  I spent these two days testing rats in a maze...yayyyy.

Fancy schmancy hotel Jeff did NOT stay in

The day after Jeff got back from Aspen (around midnight) I woke up bright and early on Saturday for Tulane's annual Neuroscience Retreat.  I had to give a presentation I had been stressing about for a week in front of our entire program.  But then I got to leave early so we could go to Ashley and Lucas' wedding!  They got married in the afternoon at St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church with a reception following at the Opera Guild Home.  I obviously wasn't thinking because I did not take one single picture at the church/reception.

But I did take some during the second line after the reception ended and we made our way to Tracey's bar for more drinks (because we hadn't done enough day drinking at the reception already). 

I should probably be a photographer

And there was this wonderful woman standing outside the bar with two dogs dressed in tutus.  I mean, really.  I asked her if I could take their pictures and she responded that of course!  People ask her this all the time.  So that means that these outfits must be a common occurrence for them.  This is why I love New Orleans.

After a long day of celebrating, we topped off the night with tacos from Felipe's (may possibly be the most satisfying meal after drinking known to man).

And then I tried the equinox broom trick just because everyone else on Facebook was doing it.  Misch was skeptical...

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