Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Jeff and I have had a busy and exciting past few days...

Of course there was the match and the research competition last Thursday:

My poster

 I try to look as nerdy as possible during these presentations.  I'm convinced it makes people think I know what I'm talking about.  Maybe that's why I won?
Here I am with my award:

My fake check

And then Friday night Jeff took me out to eat at Muriel's for my 26th birthday.  Is it me or are birthdays not fun anymore once you're past, say, 23/24ish?

Jeff excited about his pork chop

I tried to get excited but a little part of me wanted to be home in my pj's with a glass of wine.

Anyone want to buy me an iPhone4 so I can take pictures with flash? 

Shrimp and grit cake

I'm glad we went though because the food was really good.  After dinner we went to Lucy's to meet up with some friends for drinks.  All in all a great night!
That weekend also happened to be French Quarter fest, so after spending some time in the lab on Saturday (my actual birthday), we headed down to the Quarter.  And in something that can only be described as a birthday miracle, we found a parking spot!  In the quarter!  On the street, not in a $20 lot!  If you don't think this is a miracle, come try driving through the quarter during a festival.  I heard on the news Monday that there were 570,000 people in attendance.  Miracle I tell you.
After eating our fill of crawfish and spinach bread bowls, meat pies, and seafood pasta from the food tents, we pretended to be tourists: 

Mardi Gras Indians, putting on a show

Artist of the Pete the Cat paintings, in action on the street

And for something you will only see in Nola- this artist makes paintings by controlling a puppet holding a paintbrush.  And...she sells them?

Thank you Nola.

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