Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Adventures

We've been having so many fun weekends in a row lately I'm beginning to feel like this may be what it's like to have normal jobs...although I have had to go into the lab the past few weekends.  I guess it could be worse.

On Friday, all the Ortho residents had a retreat at one of the attending's houses out in Luling and the wives were invited to come out after they were done taking care of important business.  Jeff signed his resident contract for his 5th and final year of residency!  Can you believe we're almost done?!

The house was beautiful and backed up to some water where there were air boats waiting to take everyone on swamp tours.  This was always something I've had on my bucket list of things we needed to experience before leaving Nola:

I had no idea the swamp would be so beautiful!

We even got to hold a baby alligator...keeping a somewhat safe distance from its angry momma:

The angry momma gator:

Next up was a gator known as "Big Al."  He was pretty tame and didn't seem to mind being poked and prodded.  Apparently it is mating season and he only had one thing on his mind.  And that didn't include worrying about some humans pulling at his tail and feet. 

Our tour guide was none other than Poochie, the Cajun guy from an episode of Wife Swap.  You may remember he swapped wives with a ballet dancer from California.  Needless to say they experienced some cultural divides.

Big Al

Our swamp tour group

Next up on the weekend agenda was heading down to the Warehouse District for some Navy Week fun.  They canceled the Blue Angels shows both Saturday and Sunday due to some heavy winds.  I heard this exact sentence no less than 20 times over the course of the weekend from Jeff: 

"I can't believe they canceled the Blue Angels." 

But I think we satisfied his need to see anything and everything military-related by touring the USS Wasp that has been docked here all week:

Giddy with excitement

There were soldiers at all these little stations throughout the ship where you could take your kids to try on their gear, hold the guns, etc. 

Yes, that is my husband.  Notice all the kids in line behind him.

Gotta love him

 I stood there and dutifully took his picture like a good wife, trying not to look embarrassed. 

I should also add that Jeff developed no less than 15 man-crushes on the sailors and marines that were there.

There were also these "flag ships," or pirate ships if you ask me:

Another great Nola weekend! 

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