Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lab Life

I knew I was going to jinx myself when I said a few weeks ago that we had been having so many great weekends in a row.  I now get the pleasure of spending my entire weekend with the rats in the lab.  Both days.

At least the weather is terrible today.  Jeff is off at his department's yearly golf tournament.  Speaking of jinxes, they have had terrible weather for it every single year...

The lovely lab

Will all the commencement festivities going on lately, I got to thinking about how it has been 4 years since I graduated college.  I can't believe it's been that long. 

And then I started thinking, if I hadn't gone to grad school:  I could have gone to college twice by now; I could have finished med school; I could have gotten a nursing degree two times over.  I could possibly have a real job making real money.  

This video probably describes every feeling I have been having lately:

Although it means extra work for me, I love this time of year at Tulane.  There's a different feeling in the air here when all the undergrads have scattered.  I honestly think I get better work done without all the annoyances of a crowded campus.  There's some sort of special camaraderie between us grad students left here during the summer.  

And there's no line at the campus PJ's which is probably the biggest perk.

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