Monday, June 25, 2012

Movin' on up

As much as our time spent living in New Orleans has been a struggle, it's hard to believe the hubs and I only have a year left here.  This past weekend was the Orthopaedic surgery graduation ceremony for the 5th year residents.  I always look forward to graduation night because it's an excuse to get dressed up and have a free dinner at the Ritz (who wouldn't love that?!).  But this year was extra exciting because it marked our last graduation ceremony before Jeff will be the one graduating!

Starting next Monday, Jeff will officially be a 5th year resident!  Unfortunately he'll be spending his first 6 months of his last year of residency living in Baton Rouge.  We've done 3 month stretches at a time before and while we get through it, the process isn't fun.  The thought of living apart for double that amount of time is pretty daunting, but if it means getting one step closer to graduation then I'm all for it!

And in other news, I finally turned in a copy of my dissertation prospectus to the Dean's office last week.  The prospectus is sort of a plan for the experiments I will include in my dissertation.  While I passed my prospectus defense back in February, it took me awhile to get around to condensing a 30 page document into the 3 pages the Dean's office wants.  So I received my letter this past Friday stating that I'm officially a PhD candidate!  That basically means that before this, I wasn't eligible to receive a PhD because I still had other requirements to meet.  But now all that's standing in the way of me being done with grad school is my dissertation.  No big deal... ha.

Probably my favorite letter to ever get in the mail

So it's just more of the same ole, same ole in the Witty house now.  Until next weekend when we get to move Jeff to Baton Rouge ;)

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