Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Festivities

Oh the perks of an elective rotation- Jeff had off for the 4th!  Amazing this 5th year so far, I tell you what!

We started celebrating early the night before at Rum House uptown with some great friends for "Taco Tuesdays." $2 tacos!  Delicious and resident-budget friendly.  Problem is, everyone in New Orleans seems to know about Taco Tuesdays.   With a 1 hour wait and a 2 hour long dinner it turned into quite the event.  But well worth it!  And this isn't your run of the mill taco stand.  There's duck tacos!  Duck!  And lamb vindaloo.  On a taco!  And about 15 other variations for anything you could possibly be craving.   I have no pictures because when the waitress places your plate in front of you after waiting some 2 odd hours for these things, you don't stop to take pictures.

Rum House has it down.  They have delicious caribbean-type drinks to keep you happy while you wait.

Coconut mojito 

After dinner, Jeff declared Rum House his favorite restaurant. It's that good.

The evening of the 4th we headed down to Woldenberg Park to catch the fireworks show on the Mississippi River.  There's a dueling barges show every year that draws a huge crowd.  We learned from past years and came prepared with folding chairs and picked up a "go cup" of cheap beer while we waited for the show to start.

Go cups.  Best perk of living in Nola.

Pre-show at the park

We had a relaxing, Nola style 4th before Jeff headed back to Baton Rouge at some ungodly hour this morning.  Here's to a short week!

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