Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A little levity

I had a great time this past Sunday throwing a small baby shower for my friend Erin.  I was realllly excited though to finally get to use some of the wedding gifts we received last year.  So I went shopping in the closet at my mom's house a few weeks ago where half of our wedding gifts are still stored.  It was like Christmas!

This is really dark :(
And all my months of obsessing over Pinterest were finally put to use...


Can't wait to meet her baby boy in about a month!

In residency news, one month of this Baton Rouge rotation down! 

And has everyone been as obsessed with the Olympics as I've been?  I can't stop watching the gymnastics, women's beach volleyball, and men's swimming.  I've been struggling through work this week in a sleep-deprived haze since my usual bedtime is way before it ends each night :)


  1. The baby shower decorations are beautiful, and hooray for Pinterest!

  2. Don't forget to link up this week!


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