Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging delay

I had been planning to post about Jeff recently covering LSU football practice and some high school football games. And about a fun birthday party we went to for our friends' baby at a Zephyrs baseball game. And about my good friend Erin having her baby boy this past week!

But then Blogger wouldn't upload my pictures. And I got sick. And we found out Hurricane Isaac changed course and started heading directly for New Orleans.

So I'll upload that post whenever all of those above things resolve. But right now we're hurricane prepping and trying not to panic. Tomorrow will be a regular work day for us and we'll know more about the exact path by then.  It's supposed to make landfall late Tuesday night/early Wednesday.

How much is a bag of sand worth?  $3.60 seems a bit steep but if it saves our furniture downstairs it will be a steal!

But here's the kicker- this Wednesday is the anniversary of Katrina.  BOOM.


  1. Thanks! It's looking weaker than expected so I'm not too worried.


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