Monday, August 13, 2012

Residency Blues

So we're almost 1.5 months down on this away rotation and it's completely sucking. It really wasn't too bad until this week. Either Jeff or I would drive once a week to see each other on a weeknight, and we would be together every weekend. Not ideal, but not terrible either.

Well, as football season is getting started, all that is about to change. Since Jeff is on an elective rotation right now, he shares some of the responsibilities with the resident on the Sports rotation. Which is great, in theory, since Jeff is doing a Sports fellowship next year. Lots of great experience! The problem with that is the football team practices and plays games on weekends. Which means Jeff has to be there various Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays to run clinics and check up on the athletes.

I'm so happy that he will get to work with the LSU football team (how cool is that?!) but I'm really starting to resent residency on a whole new level lately. Is it not enough that he has to live in a different city for 6 months, but now he'll be gone weekends as well? Ugh. And the cherry on top is the fact that he has a work-related dinner or conference every evening this week.  So there goes my plan to see him at all this week.

Don't get me wrong- growing up an only child, I really appreciate some alone time every now and then. I love getting to watch all my trash/reality/Housewives of whatnot shows whenever I want. But after a few days when I've caught up on all my errands and let's get real-there's only reruns on, it get's pretty boring.

So hurry up away rotation. I want my husband back!


  1. Away rotations are tough. I am glad that you've been able to see eachother as often as you have. Maybe it's time to start facetime/skype weekends. Or could you hang out with him at the weekend sports clinics? I would probably find a good book to read and eat lots of take out. The first month of anything is the hardest so it is bound to get better. And the fall tv schedule should be starting again soon.

  2. Unfortunately I don't think I would be allowed to hang out at the clinics :( It's a good idea for me to find a new book though! And food is my weakness- so with him not around I'll probably gain 10 pounds out of boredom!! haha Thank goodness for new tv episodes...

  3. Hi! That sounds like a pretty crappy situation. And I definitely know from experience that the drive from New Orleans to BR gets old reaaaally fast. Like you, I'm an only child and have definitely not been hit as hard by residency as some people. I love my alone time!

    We ended up in Minneapolis, and I love it here so far. You should probably ask me if I still love it in February though :)


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