Monday, September 24, 2012

Reunion and a Wedding

I had the best time this past weekend getting to catch up with all of my best friends from college who were in Nola to celebrate our friends Rikki and Evan getting married!

The girls

Some of us with the bride

It was sort of like old times, albeit a little less crazy perhaps...a weekend in New Orleans would probably had ended much differently 5 years ago.  There was just the right amount of crazy to have a good time, but not enough to seriously question life choices, know what I mean?  

With the beautiful bride!

We're all growing up, have real jobs, some of us getting married or almost getting married.  But it's nice to know we're all still here for each other and that our friendships will hopefully stand the test of time no matter how far flung we are around the country.  We all lead such different lives now, but it's amazing how we can fall right back in step with each other when we do get together.  

At the wedding

The only difference is that we have to include the boys now :)

Boys creepin' in the background

I'm sad the weekend is over and already looking for another excuse for a reunion!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grad School Woes

Ok.  I'm having a bit of a crisis as of late.

I just realized that I planned my experiment schedule for this semester wrong and instead of finishing all my behavior testing by Thanksgiving, I actually won't be done til around New Year's.  I somehow managed to be over an entire month off!  So that means I'll be working through ALL the holidays.  As in, right now I'm scheduled to be working Thanksgiving and Christmas DAY.

Ugh.  Like...really?  And people wonder why I hate research so much.  If you want a career in research, you really have to love it and be prepared for it to be your first priority.  That's something I'm not prepared to do.  I anticipate Jeff having to work holidays.  He's a doctor.  It's something he sort of signed up for and I've gotten used to it.  But when I first started grad school, working holidays (major holidays at least) was not something I thought I would have to do.  So this year, while Jeff will finally have both Thanksgiving and Christmas off (if those are the holidays he picks), I will most likely be working both!  Oh, how the tables have turned.  Cross your fingers that I can fudge things a bit and somehow work around the holidays.

That in and of itself completely sucks (I mean, I haven't even processed that yet).  But what I'm seriously having a small panic attack about is the fact that I now have an entire month less of uninterrupted dissertation writing time than I thought I would have.  People sometimes take an entire semester just to write.  I'll now have about a month and a half.

I have to graduate this May, people!  For my own sanity.

Assuming I still get everything done on time, I'm still faced with the question of what the heck do I do next year in Jackson?!  It's not long enough to do a post-doc.  Do I even want to do a post doc?  Apparently I have to if I ever want a full time college teaching gig.  Is it worth putting myself through 2-4 more years of research misery?  Does that mean I need to do another year of research while in Jackson to keep my CV up to date???  Are there even ANY research jobs in the thriving metropolis of Jackson?  Am I seriously now considering more research?  I thought I was going to have a vacation year!!

Can someone please send me a crystal ball?  Thanks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo Dump and Hurricanes

Looks like today is my lucky day!  My Blogger iPhone app decided to work and let me upload pictures from my phone.  So lucky YOU- you get to see all the random pictures from our lives the past couple of weeks!

There have been lots of baseball games...

Zephyrs game

And birthday parties for cute babies at baseball games...



How cute is this setup?!

Oh, and did I mention there was a hurricane?

Hurricane Isaac completely screwed up my plans in the lab last week so this week will be a mad dash to do twice as much work in half the amount of time.  Unexpectedly, Jeff was able to stay home with me the ENTIRE week.  A week!  That we had off together!  At the same time!!!  It was a miracle.  Since he's on an elective rotation he got lucky and didn't have to cover at the hospital during the storm.  So we both drove to my mom's house a little north of New Orleans to wait out the storm.  We went a little a lot stir crazy sitting around doing not much of anything (Jeff did continue to study every day like normal though). 

Somehow we got lucky and never lost electricity.  Which is astounding in my opinion since almost all of New Orleans and the surrounding area lost power for at least a day or two.  Have you ever had to go without air conditioning in 100 degree August heat with 100% humidity?  Let's just say, it's not fun.

So while we had electricity, cable, etc. there was still nothing to do because everything in town was closed (and obviously storming outside).  So we ate.  Like, the whole weekend nonstop.  I probably gained 5 lbs.  Whatever.  The night before the storm hit my mom and I went out to eat because we figured it might be our last chance to get out of the house for a few days at least.  We were in luck because the restaurant was trying to get rid of as much food as possible before it all went bad if they lost power.  So they had this special pasta- Hurricane Pasta to be exact.  Softshell crab, crawfish, shrimp, scallops, and mussels all in one delicious dish:

It was a beautiful thing.

We made it back to our little apartment in Nola this past Friday morning and all was well.  We actually never lost power there either- apparently our street all had power throughout the storm.  Another miracle!  Unlike the rest of Nola.  I actually felt a little guilty...I mean, we had a surplus of air conditioned houses to stay in!  Meanwhile, everyone else was tossing and turning at night in sweltering heat.  If that doesn't make you go out and immediately buy a generator I don't know what will.

We ended our week off together with spending our Labor Day in the French Quarter playing tourists.  And the final miracle of hurricane week?  The French Quarter was EMPTY!  It was like we had the whole of New Orleans to ourselves for one afternoon.  Pretty darn good.

Having beignets at Cafe du Monde