Monday, September 24, 2012

Reunion and a Wedding

I had the best time this past weekend getting to catch up with all of my best friends from college who were in Nola to celebrate our friends Rikki and Evan getting married!

The girls

Some of us with the bride

It was sort of like old times, albeit a little less crazy perhaps...a weekend in New Orleans would probably had ended much differently 5 years ago.  There was just the right amount of crazy to have a good time, but not enough to seriously question life choices, know what I mean?  

With the beautiful bride!

We're all growing up, have real jobs, some of us getting married or almost getting married.  But it's nice to know we're all still here for each other and that our friendships will hopefully stand the test of time no matter how far flung we are around the country.  We all lead such different lives now, but it's amazing how we can fall right back in step with each other when we do get together.  

At the wedding

The only difference is that we have to include the boys now :)

Boys creepin' in the background

I'm sad the weekend is over and already looking for another excuse for a reunion!

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