Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Things

This week has been full of big things.  Great, exciting, big, scary things.

I got an initial decision back from the editor of the journal (PLoS ONE) I submitted one of my manuscripts to- I just have to make some minor revisions and it will very likely be published!  They call it "revise and resubmit"- which is a good thing!  Especially since the revisions are easily doable.  I have submitted a different revised manuscript to another journal (Endocrinology)- I'm still waiting to hear the final decision from that editor.  Everyone cross your fingers!

I am actually published now on another manuscript, although not first author on this one.  That means it was another grad student's project, but I contributed a significant amount to her experiment.  You can find my name in lights here:

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory- Nelson et al 2012

AND...drum roll please...a professor at the med school in Jackson e-mailed me today and offered me an interview for a post-doc position in her lab next year!!!  The best news is that she is willing to let me do a short post-doc.  Most people want you to commit to at least 2 years, usually more, which is why I never really considered a post-doc to be an option for next year.  Remember- we will only be in Jackson for 1 year for Jeff to do his Sports Medicine fellowship.  I guess there's always the possibility he could work something out in Jackson and stay a bit longer, but it really seems like this professor is willing to work something out with me!  I'm going up to interview sometime next month so I'll know more details after I talk with her in person.

Can I just say:  NETWORK PEOPLE!  The only reason I got this offer is because I used my connections from my undergrad in Jackson and one of my old professors passed my CV along to the medical school.  There are a grand total of ZERO post-doc openings posted anywhere online for Jackson.  So the only way to find out about openings is to cold call professors whose research seems interesting or to use connections.  Admittedly, "using" people doesn't come easily to me.  I always feel like I am inconveniencing people.  I just had to realize that in research, a lot of times it's not what you know, but who you know.

I was really about to give up on next year.  I'd gotten really frustrated trying to figure out what my path will be after I graduate in the spring.  I'm still not sure if this post-doc is the right choice for me, but sometimes all you need is for someone to want you and make you feel like you're doing a good job in order to get motivated again.


  1. Congratulations on the publication and post-doc interview news! You are spot on with your observation that it is WHO you know... it's true for just about everything:-)


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