Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Boy

I completely missed this month's Medical Mondays bloghop.  Sorry to all my fellow peeps who normally link up!  I had the best intentions, but just couldn't get a post together in time..

Jeff and I spent last weekend celebrating his 31st birthday.  31!  As in, not just barely out of his 20's, but moving full force ahead into a new decade of life.  31 is very adult sounding, isn't it?  This is the same age he will be when he finishes residency- big things people!

Last year was the big 3-0 though and I went all out planning a surprise party.  Here's the fancy 30 year old person cake I got him last year:


And here's the not-so-fancy 31 year old person cake he got this year, homemade by yours truly:

You're never too old for Funfetti.

You know, basically the same thing.

But we did have two nights of delicious birthday dinners where we spent way too much money...

First was Mexican with a couple friends at The Velvet Cactus in the Lakeview area of Nola.  The whole place has Christmas lights and funky decorations everywhere, such as this:


It was one of those meals where you are so stuffed you can't move afterwards.   You may have won this time Cactus...

And then Saturday night we went to a new-ish sushi place Uptown called Chiba.  The (very good looking and single!) owner happened to be our waiter for the night and to say he is obsessed with sake is an understatement.  He helped us navigate his extensive cold sake menu and after a 15 minute speech on the different types and qualities of each sake we ended up going with our usual option- the second cheapest bottle on the menu, which happened to be this one:


It was perfectly fine for our non-sake-discerning palates, thanks.  I'm sure the owner/waiter was judging us.

Oh, and we also had some sushi with our sake:

Very tasty indeed!

Told you I NEED a new iPhone with flash.  I'm ruining birthday memories!  I'm good at justifying wants into needs, see?

Believe me, it was good.


  1. Happy Birthday to Him! The 30 yo cake was beautiful, but I bet the one you made was just as good:-) There comes a point in time where you realize it is just a cake.

  2. Happy Birthday Jeff! The food looks delicious and I'm positive I've had that sake before because I also don't like the taste.


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