Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I know a LOT about a very specific topic

You know what's annoying?

Having someone knock on your door during dinner trying to get you to buy something.  Or in my case today, buy magazines from some random, totally not legit sounding, probably religious yet they don't want you to know that, "program" that somehow eventually helps inner city kids.

Seriously I asked the girl 3 times to explain what company she was affiliated with and I still don't know.  She was trying to collect "points" in order to progress through the program and had to go door to door asking people about career advice and to rate her on her professional skills (such as her eye contact while talking to me), all while selling magazines.  Once she gets enough points, she can stop selling magazines and gets to be a mentor for inner city kids...whaaa?

Anywho, she asked me how I "entered the work force."

Blank stare.

Does a 2 month stint as a waitress in high school count?  Oh yea, I worked at a gift shop for about 5 months in college...

Yea, I can't help you.  Move along.

Believe me, I'm aware I have no marketable skills outside of science, thanks.  #whatshouldwecallgradschool


  1. I despise those door to door salesman, especially the magazine ones. I finally had to start telling them that I have four kids and magazine subscriptions that I never have a chance to read and the last thing I need is to buy a magazine so I can throw it in the recycling bin. I care about the environment so I can't buy another magazine. It has to be a scam, I have yet to hear a pitch that sounds legit.

    1. I totally thought it was a scam too! I googled the company after she left and they had a website with even less information on it than what she told me in person...hmm...I already somehow have a free 1 year subscription to Parents magazine (I don't have kids) that goes straight in the recycling bin each month.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I think my favorite thing about medical Mondays is meeting new people slogging through the medical professions in one way or another :)
    I'll be sticking around here! I like your blog

    Much love, Heather

  3. hahaa!!!! just found your blog. love!


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