Monday, October 15, 2012

The year flew by!

 Today is officially our one year wedding anniversary!  

Since it fell on a Monday, we celebrated on Saturday by going out to a nice dinner at August, which is John Besh's flagship restaurant here in New Orleans.


My family in St. Louis gave us this bottle of wine for our engagement and I have been saving it ever since.  I figured our 1 year anniversary was the perfect time to pop it open.  (Another cool thing about John Besh's restaurants?  He lets you BYOB with no corkage fee!)  

I started thinking about where the year has gone, and I realized it's gone to Jeff's residency.  Of our first year of marriage, he has been gone for 6.5 months.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is not normal!  It's been very challenging, but we've made it through.  Adjusting to married life can be hard for any couple, so I wasn't happy about having to spend so much time apart when I first learned of his 5th year schedule.  But we're on the downward slope now! 

The funny thing year in Jackson, he will do two 5 week rotations here in New Orleans.  So we're not out of the "away rotation woods" quite yet.  I guess I have gotten pretty used to it by now..

 So we'll take our celebrations when we can get them, since on the actual day of our anniversary Jeff is in another city.

We did the usual save your cake topper tradition and cut it on Sunday.  We've had the most terrible luck with refrigerators over the past year, and our cake actually defrosted no less than 3 times.  I was really expecting the worst, extremely freezer burned mess of a cake, but it wasn't too bad after all.  Not very good, but not terrible.

Our cake the day of our wedding

Red velvet for the top layer

So here's to many more years of marriage to come for us, hopefully spent living together! 


  1. Adorable dress! Congrats on your first anniversary.

  2. Congratulations! I've heard so many amazing things about August and never got to try it. Some day!

    1. It was a great experience! We had been putting off all the "nice" restaurants in Nola for so long...we finally decided that during our last year here we would splurge a little!


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