Friday, December 7, 2012

Internet Sensation and Christmas Comes Early

This is the same video I posted the other day...but this time instead of being on the local news, our lab made it to the CBS news website!!!

See it here.

And introducing the newest member of the family, my Dad's new dog, Bella!  An early Christmas present from me and Jeff :)

She's the sweetest puppy ever!  She is an 11 month old lab/shepherd mix that we rescued from the shelter.  Already learning "sit," "fetch," and to potty outside.  I can't believe she sat in a shelter for 6 months- she is really a great dog and I can't wait to puppy-sit in the future!

While Bella is still technically a puppy, there were so many other wonderful adult dogs available for adoption at the various shelters we visited.  It's so sad how many sit there for months or years just because someone wants a tiny puppy or a designer dog they can dress up.  I wish more people would at least consider adopting a shelter dog (or cat!) when looking for a new pet- they'll love you forever!


  1. What a sweetie pie! I think it's great you got him a shelter pup - when we are ready for the responsibility of a dog we'll be searching the shelters for a fur baby.

    Congrats on being famous-ish :)

    1. She is an awesome dog! And thanks ;) My labmates are more famous-ish than me cause you can actually see their faces! haha

  2. What a beautiful dog - I can't believe she sat there that long either.


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