Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Ok guys, this is the BIG MARDI GRAS WEEKEND! So you know what that means, no dissertation writing will get done! I've just sat down in a little corner of our local coffee shop to hopefully grind out some good work today so I can feel better about slacking this weekend. But seriously, if you lived here you would understand.

Do you know what is possibly the most annoying thing ever? When ONE person takes up one of the big, nice tables at the coffee shop.  But in today's case, all the nice tables are each taken up by one person.  I'm by myself today, so I don't mind sitting at one of the little "cafe" tables, but when Jeff and I come here together this drives us absolutely nuts!  It's the little things that will make you crazy...Jeff said I should just walk up and sit down next to someone.  Wonder what they would say?

On a less grumpy note, I'm getting another King Cake today!  Instead of being lazy and picking up the grocery store variety, I actually ordered one from a bakery and will go pick it up this afternoon.  It will be filled with cream cheese and all that is good about New Orleans.  Don't worry, I'll post pics of it before it's devoured.

I can't wait to share some parade pics with everyone!


  1. The closest I have been to King Cake is the limited edition Blue Bell Ice Cream flavor "Mardi Gras King Cake". It was so good, I want to try the cake. I suppose this is the weekend to get one if I can find one!

    I think sitting down at one of those occupied tables could make a great blog post:-)

    1. Oh my goodness I have heard amazing things about that Blue Bell flavor!! You should order a King Cake! Haydels bakery, Rouses grocery, Randazzos bakery, and La Dolce Nola bakery all ship them :) It would be hard to work up the courage to sit down at a table next to a stranger like that, but would make a GREAT story!

  2. I am so jealous of you this weekend! Thinking about taking a break from social media to avoid all of the mardi gras pictures...


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