Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mardi Gras sneak peek

I picked up the King Cake yesterday.  Possibly one of the biggest disappointments of my life.

Beautiful, right?  That's where the good news ends.  I cut into it and immediately knew something was wrong.  There were no flaky, pastry-like layers or swirls of cinnamon goodness throughout the bread.   Just a fluffy, white "Bunny bread" like consistency.  Not good.  That's the risky thing about trying a new bakery.  From now on I will stand in line for an hour at one of the three famous bakeries- Haydel's, Gambino's, or Randazzo's- they're busy for a reason!  The other two King Cakes I got this year were from our local grocery, Rouses, which were pretty good too.   Lesson learned.

Today we're headed off to do some parading and pass a good time, as they say in New Orleans.  Endymion, one of the big mega parades, is tonight.  This year they have a new float which is the longest in the world.  So we're packing up our cooler and folding chairs and launching ourselves into the madness of the French Quarter.  Cross your fingers we make it out in one piece!

And it wouldn't be Mardi Gras for me without a good ole spicy Bloody Mary!

Happy Mardi Gras y'all!


  1. Bummer, it still looks delicious though!

  2. I immediately thought of you this morning when we got 2 King Cake deliveries to our offices! We work in media and have a lot of partners across the country so we got a special delivery from our Nola friends :) Sad to hear yours was only subpar this weekend but hope you had fun at the party!!


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