Friday, April 19, 2013

Our hearts are with Boston

I woke up this morning to news that the two Boston bombing suspects had been identified as brothers and that one had already died in a shootout with police.  Being married to Jeff, I have developed into a sort of news junkie (his love for all things patriotic extends to a love for politics).  So I've been glued to the TV screen this morning as events continue to develop.  There are even reports that the younger brother may be studying for a career in medicine and that both of them have taken advantage of some of the finest schools the US has to offer.  It's unbelievable to me that such educated, privileged young men could be capable of committing such evil against a country that has given them so much.


I did a lot of complaining about the possibility of moving to Jackson when Jeff and I were looking at fellowship programs.  I was hoping he would fall in love with a program in a more exciting city.  But lately, events like this one (and the crazy threats from North Korea- even though I know the US would smoke this nut job before anything happened) make me thankful we are moving to a small Southern town where not much happens.  The day the Boston bombings happened, I was on a flight headed back to Nola.  New York actually had a marathon the weekend I was there too, the day before the Boston bombings. We saw several runners post-marathon walking around the city.  It could have happened there.

Jackson may not be a mecca of exciting events, but the possibility of a terrorist attack never crosses my mind when I'm there.  The older I get and the more crazy shit that happens in this country, the more I value small towns like Jackson.  Don't get me wrong- I've loved every big US city I've visited. I'm pretty much obsessed with San Francisco and spent waaaay too much money shopping when I visited Chicago.  Atlanta is a must-visit city for me at least every couple of years.  I've never been to Boston, but I'm sure I would love it.  I hope the people of Boston can move on with their lives as if this never happened.  If we begin to live our lives in fear, then the crazies will have won.  But for now, I'll stop complaining about Jackson (or I'll try to do it way less), because sometimes living in a town where nothing ever happens is a good thing.


  1. There is comfort in small towns, but then this week the a plant exploded in a small West Texas town killing some and injuring others. No place is immune from disaster or tragedy. My heart can only handle so much and this week has been pushing it to the limit..... those poor families and communities. Thankfully I also swell with pride as I hear of people and neighbors pulling together, runners who will continue to run, those who will take up running to show their support: that's the American spirit I am so proud of.

    1. Ye, you're right, of course tragedy can happen anywhere. I guess I was just speaking about my sense of safety from targeted terrorist attacks. Of course then you have North Korea targeting Austin, TX though so who knows ;) These terrorists were hoping to instill fear in Americans, and all they did was piss us off and band people together!


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