Thursday, May 9, 2013

This is not in my job description

We're leaving tonight to drive to Jeff's first interview location.  I had planned to spend today finishing up a lecture, going to spin class, and leisurely packing my suitcase.  Instead, I'm running around the city trying to get maintenance done on Jeff's car so it doesn't break down on the road.  My car needs a new tire, so we thought we would take his instead.  Wrong.

Dropped Jeff's car off last night so it would be there first thing this morning to get the tires rotated.  The service guy calls me this morning- there's 2 nails in one of the tires that can't be patched.  Do I want to replace the tire?  Of course they don't have a matching tire in stock.

I call a different place where we originally bought the tires.  They have a matching one in stock.  The guy says I'd better come now before it's busy.  I decide Jeff would probably want me to get a matching tire.

I call back Place #1.  They need at least 30 minutes to get the car put back together.

Luckily, we have an extra car this week because my Dad left his at our apartment on his way out of town for a golf trip.  So I drive to Place 1, leave Dad's car there. Take Jeff's car to Place 2 and hope it doesn't take all day.  I get there too late.  It will be a 2.5 hour wait.  The only lucky thing to happen to me all day is that there's a coffee shop next door.  So here I sit, waiting on it.  I get to put a new tire on our credit card (joy), and then drive back to Place 1 and leave Jeff's car there.  Drive Dad's car back to our house because it's way nicer than Jeff's car and I don't want it sitting in a parking lot.

Of course today is a surgery day and Jeff can't leave the hospital.  Oh, and did I mention that the weather forecast predicts scattered thunderstorms at the place we're interviewing this weekend?  You remember, Job #1 at the beach location?  The hospital gave us all day Saturday to enjoy the beaches by ourselves.  We're getting off to a great start!


  1. Well, that's one way to start the interview processes lol. Just take a deep breath, and realize that when all this is fixed, it's fixed! Good luck to you :)

    Heather @ The Life Unexpected

  2. That's my life on a daily basis. Joyous. Absolutely Joyous. :(
    Always in the OR when you need 'em.
    I say lean towards the beach!

  3. Best to gets the bumps out of the road early so you can enjoy your day at the beach! Good luck on the interview:-)


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