Monday, September 30, 2013

Jeff's 32nd Birthday

The birthday weekend started off with a bang, if by bang you mean Jeff was gone Friday night and all day Saturday with fellowship obligations.  He got home around 11pm Saturday night after covering a football game in Baton Rouge.  They flew him out there from Jackson on a tiny little plane.  The poor guy was exhausted, but I was determined to make the best of Sunday, his only day off.

Birthdays may be inevitable, but it doesn't mean you can't ease the pain a bit with a few drinks, right?  His fellowship class is awesome and they all met us out last minute for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  It was nice to do something social and see some friends, a rarity as of late.

Sombrero and flaming shot for the birthday boy:

Happy 32!

If anyone is looking for a super easy, delicious cake recipe, make this one.  It's a red velvet poke cake recipe that I found on Pinterest and it doesn't disappoint!

Mmm, I can't wait to get home and dig into another piece!  Happy Birthday to the hubs!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

More from the interview trail

Jeff went on two more real job interviews last week.  You can read about potential job location #1 that we decided just wasn't right for us here.  That was back in May and since then we had just been too busy wrapping up loose ends with residency and moving for fellowship that we hadn't had time to even think about interviewing anywhere else until recently.

These last two interviews just happened really organically by word of mouth through people we knew. We're beginning to realize that the best jobs are found that way.  It really is all about who you know sometimes.

Both are in the South.  Both are only a short drive from my family (and New Orleans!).  Both are in places I think we would like (although one is more of a city and the other a smaller town).  Both have colleges where I could potentially teach.  Both invited us back down for a second look!  I wasn't able to go with Jeff on the original interviews because I didn't have enough notice to get off from work, so they really want me to go back with him for another visit in the near future.  It's become apparent how important the spouse is during these interviews because employers know a decision won't be made unless the whole family is on board!

Both jobs seem like really strong possibilities for us, although for different reasons.  There is a lot to consider and I don't expect it to be an easy decision, and that's if they both even offer contracts.  I don't want to get my hopes up too much because things are far from being finalized, but I'm excited!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Memoirs of a Cat Lady

I have a confession to make.  I'm a crazy cat lady.  Well, at least a cat lady.  The jury's still out on the crazy part.  If I wasn't married I would have a house chock full o' cats (well, maybe just two). The fact that I've never had a post on this blog about our cat, Mischa, is ridiculous seeing as how she is a very important part of our family.  I say that in complete seriousness- she's great company when Jeff's gone, which we all know is quite a bit!  The problem is that I've created a needy little cat monster by showering attention on her the past 7+ years.  I've mentioned on the sidebar of this blog that she's the "neediest cat in the world."  Luckily, I have photographic evidence.

What, you're trying to do work?

Ok, I can wait.

Jeff was not exactly a "cat person" when we first started dating.  He likes to pretend her charms don't work on him, but every now and then I catch them having a cuddle session when he thinks I'm not looking.

You may pet me now.

She's also a great study buddy.

I'll just sit on your lap while you work at your desk...

...or on your chair.

Still not convinced she is extra needy?  Sometimes when I'm getting dressed in the morning she will stand on the bed, just waiting for me to come close enough so she can jump up on my chest and lick me to death.

Attack of the Misch!

I shall exfoliate your face!

Proof that this was not an isolated incident:

Submit to my powers of kitty persuasion!

Her name is Mischa, but we call her Misch (pronounced Meesh).  Or sometimes Misch-pants.  Or Mischum-pie.  You get the drift.  The nicknames get pretty ridiculous.  Doesn't bode well for our future kids...

But in addition to being needy, she really is the sweetest thing ever. 

"Every day should consist mostly of snuggles." - Mischa

Who said dogs are a man's best friend?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Football Overload

Football has taken over our lives recently, college and professional.  Usually that would be just fine in my book, but this year it means I hardly get to see Jeff on the weekends because as part of his Sports Medicine Fellowship he has to do Saturday morning clinics and cover football games on the weekend.

I went down to New Orleans again this weekend for probably the last time for awhile because this is the last week of Jeff's away rotation (yay!), but I didn't get to see too much of him.  Saturday night Jeff had to be at the Tulane football game to stand on the sidelines in case any of the players got hurt.  I got some free tickets to go to the game- my first Tulane game after going there for 5 years for grad school!  It was pretty cool getting to see him running into the stadium after the players and standing on the sidelines.

Tulane plays in the Superdome because they don't have their own stadium (they're building one on campus that will be finished next year).  Because of this, you can sit wherever you want since not many people go to the games.  We got some great seats about 10 rows up front and center!

Great seats to watch the hubs "in action" even though he never had to do anything the whole game ;)  Sadly, they lost the game by about 2 points, but it was a good showing for a team that traditionally has losing seasons.

He's the one looking at the camera

After the Tulane game, we headed to The Bulldog uptown to watch the LSU game that has a pretty outside patio.  There was beer, there were twinkling lights, and the Tigers won!  Good night in my book. 

But that wasn't enough football for one weekend, oh no!  The Saints played on Sunday and we decided to watch it at Dat Dog.  Gourmet hot dogs from around the world?  Cheese fries?  Yes, please.

By the time the game started, the restaurant filled with Saints fans (and a couple of brave Falcons fans) and we had a great time cheering them on with the crowd.  Thankfully, the Saints pulled out a win at the end!  The Atlanta Falcons are our biggest rivals so it always feels good to beat those Dirty Birds!

WHO DAT baby!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend of No Labor

I hope everyone had a particularly thrilling Labor Day. Jeff and I spent the weekend relaxing, eating, and watching some college football (Geaux Tigers!).

I even managed to get a little hair makeover this weekend! Said goodbye to the ombré and hello to blonde again.

I think it's been the first Labor Day ever that Jeff hasn't been on call and I haven't had to go into the lab, and can I just say I could get used to this!