Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Memoirs of a Cat Lady

I have a confession to make.  I'm a crazy cat lady.  Well, at least a cat lady.  The jury's still out on the crazy part.  If I wasn't married I would have a house chock full o' cats (well, maybe just two). The fact that I've never had a post on this blog about our cat, Mischa, is ridiculous seeing as how she is a very important part of our family.  I say that in complete seriousness- she's great company when Jeff's gone, which we all know is quite a bit!  The problem is that I've created a needy little cat monster by showering attention on her the past 7+ years.  I've mentioned on the sidebar of this blog that she's the "neediest cat in the world."  Luckily, I have photographic evidence.

What, you're trying to do work?

Ok, I can wait.

Jeff was not exactly a "cat person" when we first started dating.  He likes to pretend her charms don't work on him, but every now and then I catch them having a cuddle session when he thinks I'm not looking.

You may pet me now.

She's also a great study buddy.

I'll just sit on your lap while you work at your desk...

...or on your chair.

Still not convinced she is extra needy?  Sometimes when I'm getting dressed in the morning she will stand on the bed, just waiting for me to come close enough so she can jump up on my chest and lick me to death.

Attack of the Misch!

I shall exfoliate your face!

Proof that this was not an isolated incident:

Submit to my powers of kitty persuasion!

Her name is Mischa, but we call her Misch (pronounced Meesh).  Or sometimes Misch-pants.  Or Mischum-pie.  You get the drift.  The nicknames get pretty ridiculous.  Doesn't bode well for our future kids...

But in addition to being needy, she really is the sweetest thing ever. 

"Every day should consist mostly of snuggles." - Mischa

Who said dogs are a man's best friend?


  1. So cute! I'm such a crazy cat lady (or CCL as my friends call me) and now that we have two it's double the fun. I need to do a cat post like too :)

  2. Hey lady - Tried to email you back and it says you are a no-reply blogger! Just google how to change that and then people can email you back directly! Anyway, I LOVE how timeless 'At Last' is... it will never be a fad song or lose it's classic feel! I've also never known cats to lick that much so your Misch must love you to death!

  3. You have a very affectionate cat. The ones I have always known were very aloof and not very snuggly. My daughter would love a house full of cats. But my allergies won't allow it.


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