Sunday, September 15, 2013

More from the interview trail

Jeff went on two more real job interviews last week.  You can read about potential job location #1 that we decided just wasn't right for us here.  That was back in May and since then we had just been too busy wrapping up loose ends with residency and moving for fellowship that we hadn't had time to even think about interviewing anywhere else until recently.

These last two interviews just happened really organically by word of mouth through people we knew. We're beginning to realize that the best jobs are found that way.  It really is all about who you know sometimes.

Both are in the South.  Both are only a short drive from my family (and New Orleans!).  Both are in places I think we would like (although one is more of a city and the other a smaller town).  Both have colleges where I could potentially teach.  Both invited us back down for a second look!  I wasn't able to go with Jeff on the original interviews because I didn't have enough notice to get off from work, so they really want me to go back with him for another visit in the near future.  It's become apparent how important the spouse is during these interviews because employers know a decision won't be made unless the whole family is on board!

Both jobs seem like really strong possibilities for us, although for different reasons.  There is a lot to consider and I don't expect it to be an easy decision, and that's if they both even offer contracts.  I don't want to get my hopes up too much because things are far from being finalized, but I'm excited!


  1. Tough decisions, but luckily you are the best equipped to make them. Good luck!

  2. That is so exciting!! Of course the spouse needs to get wowed too :) They aren't dumb. I can't wait to hear about how it goes, it sounds like such a fun ride to be on while enjoying one last year of training in fellowship.


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