Monday, October 14, 2013

Here's the Scoop!

We got back yesterday afternoon from our "second look" at potential real job #2.  It was a great trip and we're pretty excited! 

We left Jackson right after work on Thursday and made it in time to meet up with some friends of ours at a local bar, which meant Jeff showed up in his scrubs...

We had a blast getting to "know" the city: we drove around neighborhoods, went to a festival, shopped a little, and spent some quality time with one of the attendings.  Everyone was so friendly and made us feel so at ease.  We had plenty of free time to just have a normal weekend and see what our life might be like if we moved there (which included going to a local bar to catch the LSU game!).

Pumpkin beer.  Enough said.

While I wasn't able to get an interview set up for myself at the local college, I was impressed enough with the city to feel comfortable with crossing that bridge at a later date. It was clear that they really wanted Jeff on board and the feeling was mutual, so we told one of the execs Saturday night at dinner that we were ready to move forward with the paperwork! They told us they would be emailing us a contract soon, so we are on pins and needles over here waiting to find out what their offer will be :)


  1. I love how he's using the scrubs as a drink holder - crafty. Fingers crossed they offer something beyond your expectations!

  2. I noticed the same drink holder! Waiting for offers is so exciting:-)

  3. I love the scrubs! congratulations on your new life changes! I definitely will follow this blog. I feel like I have met you before but I know I really haven't. :)


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