Monday, December 2, 2013

Medical Mondays- Life Lately and Our Vegas Conference Vacay

Happy Medical Mondays! 

I can't believe I haven't posted an update since Medical Mondays last month.  Time really seems to fly around the holidays!  I can't say I'm sad about this because I'm counting down the days til August 1st.  Not because I want fellowship to be over, more on that in a second, but because I've had about enough of my job as I can take.  As most of you know, I started a post-doctoral research fellowship this past August, or a "postdoc" for the year while my husband does his sports medicine fellowship.  Most people "postdoc" for several years or longer after they finish their PhD to become more competitive in order to get a faculty position.  Your chances of getting a tenure-track faculty position without postdoc experience is slim to none.  So, begrudingly, I took this job to try to beef up my credentials even though I despise research.  Since I'll only be "postdocing" for a year, it still isn't really enough to be competitive in my field.  Sometimes I wonder why I'm even doing this, but I figure one year is better than nothing, right?  So seeing as today is December 2nd, I'm officially 1/3 the way done with this stupid, soul-sucking job.  I'm aware I'm being a bit dramatic here, but you try doing a job you hate for years on end (I'm counting time spent in grad school) and let me know how you turn out.  Anyway, I'm starting to think the whole tenure-track faculty position thing may not be what I want in the end.  I'm beginning to get past the panic and guilt of re-adjusting my life plans and starting to become ok with this.

Back to fellowship.  Football season has not been my favorite since it means Jeff is gone covering games many Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, but oh man is it SO much better than residency!  He gets home much earlier in the evenings, even beating me home half the time (and I get home around 5:40!).  Also, there's the better pay which I know we are lucky to have since this isn't true for all fellowships.  It's just enough of an increase from residency salary that we don't have that 3 day panic in between paychecks worried that some automatic bill payment will overdraft our account.  We're able to relax a little and not worry about going out to eat during the week if we feel like it.  We can't go crazy, but we no longer have to budget and track where all of our money is going on  In full disclosure I'm making more this year too than I did as a grad student, so that helps.  Things are comfortable.  We were even able to buy a plane ticket for me to tag along to an Ortho conference in Vegas last month!  The fellowship paid for the room and Jeff's flight, so we treated it as a mini vacay.

Vegas, baby!

Does anyone else think of that scene in The Hangover when Zach Galifinakis asks "Did Caesar live here?" when they see this lobby?

While the guys were at the conference, another wife and I explored the Strip and did a lot of window shopping.  And ate.  And had dessert for lunch.  I mean, that's totally okay on vacation, right?

We even got to tape a segment for Extra, but sadly neither of us made the final cut.  Guess we'll keep our day jobs!

With the Extra! producer
So, this fellowship year hasn't been too bad.  Dare I say I'm even enjoying it?!  Now if I could just figure out a way to quit my job without any repurcussions...


  1. Visiting from MM Blog Hop! Ah, Vegas looked like so much fun!!

    Ray Doc Wife

  2. Oh I didn't know you were there too!! I tagged along and had a blast-we stayed at the Paris. Next year we will have to meet up :)

  3. Oh and the frozen hot chocolate was the best thing on earth! If fly back for that alone :)

  4. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays. I am all for having dessert for lunch!

  5. Oh no you're starting to sound like me about the job! I've been counting down since the 800 day mark, and I'm on like 524 more left :) Just think this time next year will be so much better!

  6. I'm sorry you don't like your postdoc! I like research but I work in the government and I think it's a lot less stress. Any idea what you want to do instead? Good luck with your decision!

  7. It's so hard when you don't like your job! Just 2/3 of the year left...and then onto a new adventure!!!

  8. oh honey just quit that dreadful job. you are young, life is too short; enjoy your husband, charge your extra expenses and to hell with a job you hate. trust me it's amazing to wake up and watch crap tv for a few months and think about what YOU want not what you SHOULD be doing because "it's what everyone does". I hated my job before we had kids. Just hated it. One day I said: i'm done doing this job. going to pursue my real dreams. and i happened, we had some challenges but it was so nice to "find" myself as a 20-something while my hubs was busy enough to keep $ coming in. just quit already. who cares?!!?!?!


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