Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MIA and a Snow Day

I haven't posted in several weeks, but here's an update on our lives according to my iPhone:

Mischa by the fire

At Jeff's parents' house last weekend
That's right, we've been doing a whole lot of nothing too exciting around here.  Thus, the lack of posts.  One thing that has been semi-exciting is the snowpocalypse today.  If by snowpocalypse I mean there's an inch of snow, several schools have been cancelled, and my instagram feed is full of pictures like this one I took below.  I know everyone up north is rolling their eyes right now.  Don't hate.

The view out my window at the medical center
Even though I still have to be at work, it's pretty cool.  Cause there's snow in Mississippi, y'all!  That doesn't happen very often.  The crazy part is that New Orleans and all of Mississippi south of Jackson are supposed to get even MORE snow.  Tulane has a snow day today after I move 3 hours north.  Of course that would be my luck!  Oh well, I guess it could be worse.  I mean, I'm pretty sure New Orleans will be without power for like 3 days since Entergy can't maintain power in the city when there's a light breeze outside...
In other news, Jeff is *thisclose* to signing the real job contract.  We got the final version in the mail over the weekend.  All that's left to do is sign it and mail it back!  It feels surreal.  Only 6 more months of fellowship!!