Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gender Reveal- It's a...

Yep, that's BLUE inside that cupcake!  We are so excited for our baby boy to makes his arrival this September!  My mom hosted a wonderful little gender reveal party for a few close friends and family members this past Sunday.  We had everyone vote whether they thought it would be a boy or a girl and it ended up being split down the middle- we had 4 votes for boy and 4 votes for girl after everyone had voted (not including Jeff and I since we had already peeked at the results!).

There are hardly any boys on my side of the family, so we were definitely due for a boy.  Jeff's family is full of boys though, which is great because they will know exactly what to do!  One thing is for sure, this little one will be spoiled rotten since he will be the first grandchild on both sides.  Even more exciting, he will be the first great-grandchild for Jeff's grandmother!
I'll leave you with some of the decorations from the party-





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