Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Big Move and Third Trimester Update

It's been forever since I posted an update on here, but things have been pretty busy lately so please forgive me! 

Jeff graduated from his Sports Medicine fellowship in Jackson the last week of July and the program celebrated by having a nice dinner:

Fellowship grads

Proud wives!

Jeff and I moved to Louisiana last week and have been busy bees getting settled in our new home.  We had someone paint the entire house, so all the walls are fresh (and so clean clean), but we are still waiting on the painter to come back and install all the cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen (he took them with him to sand down and re-paint so my kitchen is still all in boxes). 

We had an amazing contractor work on the nursery and replace wainscoting all along the walls.  It looks great!  We also finally got the crib put together and the rest of the baby furniture moved into the baby's room.  We have no furniture in the rest of the house besides our old couch and a plastic folding table, but hey!  The nursery is pretty much done!  We still have to add drapes and some artwork for the walls, but here's what we have so far:

Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks!  I can't believe how fast these last few weeks are flying by.  I would say about 3 weeks ago I started to have trouble sleeping due to hip pain at night and I can't do quite as much throughout the day without feeling really tired and getting painful cramps under my belly.  Oh, and it's been 95 degrees outside for the past month, so that has definitely added to the "fun" of being 8 months pregnant.  But other than that, I am really enjoying not working and nesting in our new home!

In other big news, Jeff starts his new job on Monday!  I don't know what we would have done if he hadn't taken these 2 weeks off between finishing fellowship and starting this job.  We have been scrambling trying to make minor improvements to the house, fill out job-related paperwork, and tying up loose ends.  We also went to New Orleans last weekend for my baby shower and Jeff went fishing with his Dad and one of his brothers.  Here are some pics from my baby shower high tea at the Windsor Court in New Orleans:

I had a great time celebrating baby LUKE (I don't know if I've shared his name on here yet?!) with sweet family and friends!


  1. You look beautiful!!
    Love the name Luke (one of our favorites too!). Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. I'm only one week ahead of you and I've certainly slowed down a lot. Relax and enjoy nesting, what an exciting time for your family :)!

  2. Looking great! Congrats on being finally done with fellowship :)

  3. You look wonderful and I love your nursery!!

  4. I'm late on posting, but you look great! So excited for you to meet baby Luke! (such a cute name too!)


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