A little about us...

I met Jeff in January of my Junior year in college while he was in his 3rd year of Medical school.  We had to make the decision after only 1 year of dating to move together to a new city!

He matched in Orthopaedic Surgery and I was accepted into a Neuroscience PhD program, both in New Orleans.  We each started our programs in the fall of 2008.

Ortho graduation night 2011 (Jeff's 3rd year)

San Fran trip

We got married in New Orleans in October 2011.  

MQ Photography

I graduated with my PhD in May 2013, and Jeff finished residency shortly thereafter in June!  We moved a month later to Jackson, MS for his Sports Medicine fellowship and where I did a short post-doctoral fellowship.

Honeymooning it

We moved back to Louisiana after our fellowships for Jeff's first attending job!
We have one fur baby, Mischa...

Misch helping with laundry

...and are expecting our first real baby this September!

Thanks for stopping by and we'd love to have you join the blog!


  1. I'm enjoying the blog Chrissie! Mischa's eyes look hilarious ;)

  2. I love your blog Chrissie! I read it all in one seating! Good thing you only have 4 posts per month ha! I'm married to a medical student & I love to see what awaits me if he were to pursue surgery! You guys are a strong couple and if you've endured this you can endure anything! I'm your newest follower although I have been a deadbeat blogger lately! Can't wait to read more!


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